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FR France Nimes

Mein Jagdangebot:    Feldhase , Stockente , Rothuhn , Wildschwein

ich möchte jagen:    Birkhuhn , Kanadagans , Auerhuhn , Gämse , Wasserreh , Feldhase , Wildkaninchen , Graugans , Rebhuhn , Haselhuhn , Stockente , Europäischer Mufflon , Schneehase , Rothirsch , Schottisches Moorschneehuhn , Reh , Wildschwein , Waldschnepfe

Hello, I m a french hunter from southern france . I offer different possibilities : hunting mallard in Camargue; red legged partridge and hare in wine yards ; hunting wild boar in Cevennes (mountain hunt with 30 hound minimum). Drink wine and eat french cooking close to the mediterranean sea!!! I would like to travel to see other countries and other hunting traditions. Quantity is not important, just a quality time and shearing special moments with other people!

ich spreche die Sprache:    Deutsch , Englisch , Französisch